She wanted more

I had hired on as the janitor for a large firm and had been there for about a month when I noticed her checking me out. She was a good looking middle aged woman, short but well built. She always had a mess under her desk, papers missing the trash can, and when I came in to clean up the area, she would tell me tease me about how she could make me get down on my knees for her. Well it was the weekend and her turn to work. She was in the accounting department and all alone and as I came around the corner, I saw her bending over to get some paperwork from the floor where she had dropped it. That short skirt she wore was giving me a great look at her legs and a glimpse of the bottom of her ass so I just froze and watched her. She had just bent down from the waist and was about done when she looked over and saw me watching. She gave me a smile and asked how long I had been standing there? I told her long enough to get some enjoyment as I continued toward her. As I got closer, she looked behind me to see if anyone else was there and then looked down at my crotch which was beginning to buldge and then took me by supprise as she said I can see your enjoyment is still rising. I guess I blushed some because of my age and when she laughed at me and turned to go to her desk, I managed to tell her that I was sorry if I offended her by watching her. She sat in her chair and did not bother to tug that skirt down as it rode up high on her thighs. She turned toward me and with her legs slightly spread, she told me that she was not offended, she was actually pleased that I had finally noticed her and with that, her legs spread a little more, revealing the white of her panties. She let me look a moment and then said she had some trash under her desk if I wanted to get it out right away. I snapped back to reality and tore my eyes from that view and walked over to her desk then kneeled down to get the paper and trash. She asked me if I thought she was attractive as I was on all fours and when I told her yes, I felt her hand on my ass as she told me that she was attracted to me and then asked if I liked her touching my ass. I kinda froze there under her desk and looked back to see her legs spread wide and that skirt hiked all the way up as her hands worked like magic on my ass giving me a huge hard on. I tried to answer her but my voice was wavering as her hand slipped down my crack and I felt the softness of her hand as she passed over my ass and then heard her say you have a nice tight ass may I see it? My voice was non existent but my mind was working fine and I could tell that she wanted more than a look as my hands unbuckled my belt and then the button and zipper as I let her hands pull my pants down over my now bare ass. She moaned some as her hands massaged my tight ass awhile and then I felt my body jerk a little as her hands slipped between my legs and she cupped my balls and then massaged my alreay stiff cock. She commented on the girth and size of my young tool and asked if she could see it as well. I was turning around when we heard footsteps and the approach of a customer. I managed to sit my bare ass on the floor under her desk as her fingers wrapped around my shaft and without missing a beat, she inched her chair close to her desk out of view from the customer and with legs spread, she stroked my cock and whispered for me to touch her. My shaking hand inched up over her soft thighs as she answered the customers questions and when my fingers worked the panties aside and touched her, she jumped a bit but controlled it and then spread her legs out wide for me. I began to slip between her wet pussy lips as she continued to stroke my cock as the customer thanked her and left. I had slipped inside of her with my two forefinger and middle finger and she liked it as she slid down into the seat more and let me do her right there and then. Her hand was jacking me off furiously now as her legs began to stretch out tight and wide and then in the quiet of the office, I felt her quiver and shake as my hand worked her wet pussy over and her warm cum began to flow over my fingers. She moaned loudly and then quickened the pace on my young cock and soon I felt my own juice begin to flow as it shot out in her hand. She stroked it for awhile and finally told me that she wanted to taste my young sweet cum as she placed her cum covered hand to her mouth and began to lick it clean. Not knowing what to do, I did the same with her cum and for the first time, I tasted a womans cum and liked it. From that day on, she volunteered for weekend duty and we met regularly as our sessions ranged from mutual masterbation to oral sex and when I finally turned 21, she took me into her bosses office and bent over the desk and gave me another first. It was all I could manage when I saw that bare ass of hers and when she told me to fuck her in the ass, I thought I would die as she put some lubricant on my cock and told me to slip it in. Half way in, I knew I would like it as it firmed up around my young stiff cock and my hands grabbed ahold of those hips and there in the bosses office, she let me bang her ass hard and long then told me to spank her hard for doing something that she really should not do at work. Her hot latino ass was turning red fast as my hand began to burn but by the time we both came, we were laughing at each other and from that moment on, we wore that office out.
Brad Passion


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