She seemed so young

She looked like this younger girl that I worked with for two years. Soft sexy eyes, easy on the eyes smile with sensual thoughts that parralled mine. Of course, I saw her every day at work and she always flirted with me but I figured just like you, she liked what she saw (in your case read) but was too busy or shy to do anything about it. And then there is the age factor. Not many younger women are attracted to older men but there are a few out there. Well just read this about what actually happened between us and if it stirs your intrest, write back.
She always had this to die for smile and certainly knew how to flirt so one day, she started it out by placing her hand just on my forearm and giving it a nice squeeze as she leaned into me with those great breasts of hers and said how great it was to see me after such a long holiday weekend. I looked down at her hand and then at those tits of hers pressed all into my arm and then back up at her as she just leaned there against me and said “Sure you are Karla” and with that I turned and headed for my office. I was the Manager of a huge store and my office was back in the corner at the end of a long hallway. I was sitting at my desk about fortyfive minutes later when she knocked on the door and stepped in after I called out for her to do so. Karla stood around five feet seven inches tall and had light green eyes with long brown hair. That body of hers was a killer for a man look at. Flat tummy with long legs and an ass that just made a mans mouth water. But then that was just my opinion of course…She also liked to show off those legs and of course I guess I forgot to mention it but her natural breasts were always bouncing with her everyh step as she loved tight sweaters and short skirts. So anyway she slips thru the door and closes it then walks toward my desk. She eases into a chair in front of my desk and slowy crosses her legs then simply says that she honestly did. Puzzled, I asked her honestly did what? She lowered her eyes slightly and then looked back up into my eyes and said missed you. I tilted my head to one side and then after a pause, I asked her what she missed the most about me? She never missed a beat when she said I missed the way you look at me. It is not like those younger other guys, you know what I mean don’t you? I shook my head and told her to tell e about it. She gave me a little shy smile and then opened up and told me that the other guys in the office, always look at her like she is a piece of meat and they all want to have a piece of it. But when you look at me, I know you are looking at my body, but it is to admire it I think. And then when you smile that smile of yours at me, I almost melt on the spot. I smiled and she said , see what I mean see what you do and with that, she uncrossed her legs and put her hands between her legs just above those bare knees of hers. We talked for a while and I was steady looking her over as she shifted each time in the chair and then after I could take no more, I told her that I was married and that my wife was beautiful too when she was young. Sure she still is in my eyes, but the years have taken away the youth of her body and it is nice for these faded blue eyes to check out a younger woman and just admire her. That next question came and I was totally unprepared to answer it but thought I better try. As natural as she could be, Karla just asked if I thought about sex when I looked at her. Now I am her boss and a Manager and while we should never be having this conversation in the first place, she had me alone and did ask so I looked into her eyes and told her that I would be lying if I told her no. So her next question followed quicker than the first and it was “Do you have a lot of sex with your wife”. I kinda looked at her for a moment and pondered if I should answer and when I paused too long, she leaned forward and gave me a look down the V in the sweater and said I bet you don’t. I was looking in her eyes when the tears dripped from mine and I shook my head no, then told her that my wife has some medical issues that do not let her perform like she had in the past. Karla saw my eyes and before I could wipe them dry, she was beside me and had her arm around my neck giving me a hug. Those tits of hers were pressed into the side of my face as I had started to turn toward her just when she started the hug. My mouth was against the warmth of her breast and I was too shocked to move so I just froze there. She just held me a little and then leaned over and took a tissue from the box there on the side of my bookcase and I thought she was going to hand it to me but she just crouched down a little and wiped my eyes dry as she said I thought so. I was trying to take the tissue from her and when my hand touched hers, she opened her hand a little but still held onto the tissue. My fingers eased inbetween hers and the tissue and she just clamped down on my fingers. She was actually holding my hand and for the life of me, I could not pull my hand away. It felt natural but at the same time, I knew it was wrong so I started to pull my hand away and she just squeezed it tighter and pressed that oh so soft breast into my face and of course my mouth was right there too. The moment and the attention she had given me, must have initiated it as my cock began to wake up between my legs. Luck for me, the chair was in and I could hide what was growing in my pants. But when she put that right hand around me and pulled my head into her harder, she leaned down and kissed my slightly balding head. A little shocked, I tried to move but when she held me tighter and kissed my head again longer and with more passion, my mouth sortta just opened up and my teeth just naturally found that perky nipple of hers poking out at me from that sweater. I heard her moan softly as she continued to kiss the top of my head all over and pulled me even tighter to her. My face burried into her, she started to tell me that she had wanted me to do that for so long but never knew. The buzzing of the phone brought us back to reality and her pulling away as I reached over to answer the phone. It was my boss and he needed me right away so as I spoke his name, Karla leaned down and gave my head a last kiss and with that she turned and walked from my office, only to pause at the door and smiled at me and whispered “see you later” and left.
My mind was fried for the rest of the day as I sat in the meeting and daydreamed about what just had happened. It must have been six oclock when I finally got back to my office and finished off the paperwork at my desk and then headed down to my car in the lot. It was just getting dark when I reached my car and found Karla there in hers next to mine waiting. There were no other cars in the lot as she got out and came over to mine and got in on the passenger side. I smiled over at her and asked why she had waited and before she said a word, she just lifted her bottom up off the seat and pulled that already too short skirt up and showed me that she was pantyless. The soft brown trimmed hair of her pussy was just visable in the dim light as I gasped. She said without a bit of hesitation that I looked like a man that knew what to do with one of these as she spread her legs wide and placed her bare feet on the dash of the car and reached down to put the electric seat back as far as she could. I looked around and saw not one car in the lot. I always parked out and away in the back of the building and so we were pretty secluded as my eyes naturally returned to that oh so soft looking hair down there between those very long and sexy soft looking legs of this way too young for me woman. I started to tell her that she should not be doing this when she just reached over and took my hand from the steering wheel and placed it just there between her legs as my eyes closed. The feel of her soft pussy hairs and that so soft skin broungt back such memories that my fifty two year old mind often had thought about, but so sorely missed as she pressed my hand down onto her warm mound and asked me if I knew what to do with this? Her middle finger pressed into mine as she had it on top and the next feeling I had was the warm wetness of her essence on the tip of my finger as it penetrated her and I heard her again moan loudly. My eyes opened to look around again as she again spoke and asked me if I liked to do sex in a public place like this? I looked back over into those green eyes and nodded my head yes as she pressed all of my middle finger down into her and told me that she wanted to feel like a woman desired instead of a how she felt with younger men. I felt her hips moving slowly as she moved herself against my hand and then realized that my middle finger was burried inside of her and that she was pulling it up and down as if directing me as she pumped it in and out of that soft young pussy of hers. She ground herself into me for awhile and then as my hand started to satisfy her, I slowly removed my middle finger from her and reached over and let her seat go back all the way. As she settled back, she unbuttoned her sweater and my eyes just about popped from my head. She had taken off that bra of hers and those breasts were free and just jiggled for a moment as they came to rest after spilling out. My cock was about to bust from my pants now and my mouth wanted to take care of her needs so I just leaned down and took first one breast and kissed all around the nipple and then the other one as she stirred and began to hold them for me as I sucked and licked those nipples and then began to nibble on them some. She was moaning louder and louder and those hips were so active as I worked her titties, so I placed my left hand down between her legs and began to finger her a little. Her reaction blew my mind. She came right then and there. More like exploded on my hand. cum dripping from between her pussy lips and down over her bottom as she loudly told me that she was going to cum. I so wanted to taste her and I think she knew it when she pushed my head from her breasts down between her legs as my mouth opened wider and I began to lick her pussy clean. Her reaction was again unexpected as I used passion and desire while I licked and sucked her pussy totally clean. That sweet tasting cum sticking to my mouth, I heard her ask if that is what I missed? I told her yes it was and then realized what I had done. She must have felt the mood swing and so she just told me to go ahead and do it some more, she was not going to tell a soul and as a matter of fact she too felt a little guilty for teasing me like that and then meeting me down here but she went on to tell me that she did not care, she had wanted me for some time but did not know if I felt the same. I looked up into those eyes and that smiling face and held it as I told her that I thought whe was beautiful and that while I loved my wife still, I so missed the thrill of having public sex and truely missed the taste of young sweet tasting pussy and the feel of that so soft skin. She giggled and then just said when why don’t you do it again for me and with that she twisted around and got on her knees and put that ass in my face and let me go down on her slowly like I love to do. I took her to the edge two more times before i took her over edge again and her whole body shook. When she realized that she had never touched me, she turned around and asked if she could see my cock? I nodded yes as her small hands undid my zipper and moved up over the band and reached down to wrap those soft fingers around my fat swollen cock. She smiled up at me and said nice one Mr. B as she used her other hand to tug the pants down as I lifted my ass from the table as she pushed them down over my knees and then slowly began to stroke my swollen cock. My precum was glistening on the head as she moved up the shaft and when the white cum came into view, she leaned down asked just before she took it if she could taste my cum? She knew I would say yes so when I felt that warm tongue on the head of my cock, my god did it feel welcomed. It pulsed quickly and stood taller and taller with her every stroke. Her mouth just inches from the tip of my cock, she asked if she could suck my cock? I looked around and still no cars as my hands found her long brown hair and took it in their grasps as I told her to open her mouth wide for me. She knew just what I was going to do so she opened wide as I took hold of her hair and pulled her down over my stiff shaft. She had pursed her lips some and if felt so tight and then as her tongue and lips began to work, she took it all in and the out as she began to suck my cock.


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