Lunch Time Sex

I work alot and have long hours so I see most of the co-workers and know most by name and when I ran into Sherry in the stairwell during lunch, she smiled and asked if I wanted to join her. I never have liked eating alone but the stairwell was quiet most of the time especially during lunch. I usually headed down to the lower level near the basement because no one ever goes down there but Sherry was here on the second floor so I just joined her. She was wearing a short skirt as usual, she had some great legs to show off and those breasts of hers were not bad either but as I sat down next to her, she half turned toward me and began to tell me that she had seen me taking lunch alot down here. I told her that I usually go down further and her eyes lit up some as she smiled and said Oh Really? The seductive smile she gave prompted me to rethink what I said and then I smiled at her and said further down the stairs that is. She frowned and said oh damn, I thought I was getting an offer. I looked back over at her and asked Really? She looked me in the eyes and said yes so I asked her if she would like to eat lunch down there, pointing to the lower stairs. She said without hesitation yes so I helped her pack her lunch stuff and told her to follow me and headed down to my quiet place. When we got there, she saw that I had some cushions to sit on and was way ahead of me as she lifted her skirt and sat down. She was not wearing panties so I guessed she was anticipating getting some for lunch as I dropped down a couple steps and kneeled as she leaned back in the cushion as I began to kiss those soft white inner thighs of hers. Sherry was always flirting with me in the office and a couple of times I had noticed her sitting in her chair with her skirt up high and legs spread some to give me a view accross the small work area that had three other associates. She would smile that wry smile and give me just a little to look at and then close it down and go back to work so when I began to kiss those thighs of hers, I imagined that she was offering a view in the office and instantly my cock became hard as I inhaled her musky scent and began to kiss those already swollen shaved pussy lips of hers. She grabbed the back of my head about then and began to tell me that she has wanted me to go down on her forever. I managed to ask if that is what she was thinking when she gave me all those looks before and she just said that all I had to do was Ask and she would have let me do her right there in the office. I asked her what about the others and she just said that she would have stayed late with me so I could go down on her so let that be a lesson as my mouth opened wide and I began to spread those velvet petals of hers and use my tongue on that swollen clit of hers as she began to moan with pleasure. I got her to cum for me within minutes and without much effort so I just continued to do her until she had popped it three more times. She was dripping wet when I stopped and asked her if she liked sucking cocks? She smiled and said she loved them but since we only have a few more minutes and she is so fucking ready right now, could I just fuck her doggie style here on the stairs? I said sure as she turned around and kneeled on the cushions and spread her legs wide for me as I unzipped and took out my eight inches of cock. My size I consider normal but the girth is above average so when I shoved it in her dripping wet pussy, she let out a slight squeal and told me that she loved being fucked doggie style and liked it in the ass too so take whatever hole you want Brad and fill it with your hot cum. I stroked it in and out slowly at first taking in the warmth of her pussy and then when I had her juices all over my cock, I pulled it slowly out and smeared it all over her ass and then shoved it hard into her. She begged me to fuck her ass as the head of my cock slipped into her and then when she told me that she has wanted me to fuck her for so long, why had’nt I asked her and then she began to shudder as she came hard and long prompting me to pump her harder and harder as my balls tightened and I felt my load working it’s way up my shaft and then exploding into her waiting ass. I shot a load into her and then pulled it out and let it all cover her ass as I spurted it all over her. Sherry looked back at me and told me that we should do this weekly so as not to attract attention and if I wanted to she would stay after work sometimes with me and suck my cock. I told her sure and then asked her if those tits were real. She turned around and lifted her tight sweater up and showed me her bare titties as she had no bra on and asked if I liked sucking on tits? I bent over and took each nipple into my mouth and worked them over before we had to get back to work and when the second one popped from my mouth, she told me that I had a talent and that she would go home to her husband tonight thinking of my mouth sucking on her nipple. I smiled up at her and told her that if she ever needed her titties sucked just ask. She smiled and told me that if I ever needed a blow job of a fuck, Just Ask……..needless to say, we both asked alot after that day and I still get phone calls from her asking to this day.

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