Late night train

She was running to catch the last train out of the station as the doors were beginning to close and when I realized I was the only one in the back car, I jumped up and held the door as she just made it in. She was a young African American woman carrying her briefcase and all but fell into the car as I reached out and caught her. She said, Oh Thank You so much and then looked up at me and said hey it’s you. I laughed and said I know you, we both worked in the same building and had rode down the elevator late several nights together but we never knew that we both took the same train. She laughed and started to move toward the seats when she started to fall and ended up in my arms. Her heel had broken off running for the train and finally fell off just then but her bad luck was my good luck because as she fell forward, all I had was a handfull of her breasts and ass. It was as if she was about to lay down and I caught her and when she looked back up at me with that scarded look on her face, I smiled and said in a soft voice, so now you are really falling for me huh? It broke the ice as she tossed an arm up around my neck and simply said “My Hero” you saved me twice tonight, now I owe you so she pulled my head down and kissed me right on the lips. Nothing romantic, just a kiss as kisses go but it lasted a moment longer than one would have imagined and as our lips parted and her hand eased off my neck, I could see her lips quivering and a searching look in her eyes as I held her close still and simply said wow in a soft voice. I carefully lifted her to her feet and took her bag then let her place an arm over my shoulder as I guided her to the long back seat. Since we were the only two in the car, I thought more room there to spread our bags out and try to check out her ankle. As she sat down, her skirt moved up those nice legs to about mid thigh and with no nylons on, her skin was glistening and soft as I reached down for her ankle and told her to let me have a look at this shoe of yours. I carefully took her heel off and held her ankle and noted it appeared to be alright so I asked her and she agreed that all was well so I looked her shoe over as her leg rested on my thigh. She made no move to keep her legs together and while they were apart just enough to give me a slight view, I could just see a glimpse of white panties under that short skirt. I told her the heel was lost for good unless a shoe repairman could fix it and then noticed her whincing and rubbing her calf. I asked if she was alright and she said just stiff and sore so I asked if she would like me to massage it for her. She was embarassed and said I did’nt have to but I insisted and took her tiny foot into my hands and began to gently rub her foot. She liked that and leaned back into the seat. I massaged the bottom and worked the toes over good and before I had finished, she kicked off the other shoe and said that feels sooooo good can you do this one too? I said sure and when I finished one I started on the other. As I did, she let her legs move apart more and as I finished the other foot, I went back to the calf on the other leg. She was leaning back eyes closed as my warm soft hands worked her calf over and it was then that she asked me to work higher. I paused and looked up at her as she looked down at me and just then she lifted her bottom off the seat a little and pulled her short skirt up high to her panties as I watched and saw the damp spot on her white panties. I let my hands work higher and higher and as my fingers slipped over to her inner thighs, she spread her legs wide and placed her hands over them. She pulled them up to her damp pussy and guided me all over her mound. She had her eyes closed as she began to work those hips of hers and soon she was pulling her panties aside and telling me to massage this as she spread her pussy lips apart and offered it up to me. I slowly fingered her pussy and worked her swollen clit with her juices and found her to be very wet and ready as my fingers began to stroke that young womans cunt. She asked if I knew how to please a woman and before she could get my answer, I reached up and tugged those panties down over her ankles and placed them on the seat beside her as I took first one foot then the other and began to kiss and suck those toes of hers working my way up those long sexy legs for over thirty minutes until I finally reached her dripping wet pussy. She was moaning and shaking out of control and saying OH MY GOD as I brought her to orgasam after orgasm with my oral attack. When she finally colapsed she was shaking and quivering and I knew, now was the time to take her so I rose up in front of her and unzipped my fly as she watched and when my nine inch cock sprang out, her eyes got all glazed over as she reached up to touch it. Her tiny hand wrapped around it as she leaned forward and began to go down on me. Several minutes later, my glistening rock hard cock was ready and wanting some of that pussy so I told her to turn around and kneel on the seat as I slipped up behind that gorgous round black ass of hers and guided my cock up to her waiting wet pussy. She sucked it in and as it filled her wanton pussy, I heard her moan in estacy and then held on to those working hips as she worked that ass good for me. Doggie style is a turn on for me and when she started it up, she told me that it was her favorite too. We went at it for about ten minutes and I felt I could blow after the first minute but I held on and finally got her to let me long stroke her a few minutes more before we both had to get our cookies off. The train was approaching our stop as we finished and regrouped, so as she was about to pull that skirt back down, I just had to kiss that pussy one more time so I kneeled down and licked her clean and would’nt you know it, she came again. We meet on the train from time to time and laugh at each other then sometimes we both just meet in that last car and hope everyone else will use the other cars. She often tells me that she always wanted to make it with a white man and I always tell her that I had wanted a black woman forever and I was totally pleased that it was her. She told me that she is working late for the next three Fridays….I think I will too!

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