Grocery Store Encounter

It was around 10:30 at night when I heard the sound of those high heals clicking on the floor. I was restocking the produce in the back corner of the store and management had turned off most of the lights to conserve energy so the place was dimly lit as I looked over my shoulder to see if she needed help. When I first looked at her, I could tell she was hot and when my eyes finally dropped from her face to the rest of her body, it was all I could do to ask her if I could assist her. I was still looking at that short skirt and those gorgeous legs when she said she was just getting some stuff for a salad. I snapped back into reality in time to see she was puzzled about something so I asked her what it was she needed? She said she wanted to get some cucumbers and then I realized that I had taken them from the floor so as I began to tell her why, she smiled this really sexy smile and as I tried to get the words out, it sounded like this. Well, I was checking them out and found some limp ones so I took them off the floor and I have the new ones on the cart in the back room, (I gestured toward the door leading to the backroom) and I guess if you would like to check them out you could find a stiff one there. And then when I saw that smile, I thought oh damn, I am going to get in trouble with how I said that so I quickly started to apologize but she stopped me and said it was alright, and yes she would like to see them. I moved to the door and held it open for her to pass thru and when she did, she turned toward me and let her breasts rub against my arm as she looked me in the eyes and smiled. Not being old enough to realize that this MILF was wanting me, I smiled and said that the box was on that cart just around the corner. She turned and walked in front of me toward the cart and my eyes dropped to that tight ass of hers and those great legs that were so long but seemed to go on forever as they disappeared under that short skirt of hers. I guess I looked a little too long because she had looked over her shoulder and caught me. She was at the cart and simply asked if I liked what I was looking at? I tried to answer but the red in my young face was evidence of being caught and she liked it. She asked me to help her pick out a stiff one, so I took that last step in behind her and reached over to make a selection and as I lifted up a nice long firm one for her, I felt her hand on my crotch and then her fingers as they grasped my cock and I about died as I heard her say “I’ll bet this one is firm enough huh”? Her warm hand was kneeding my cock through my pants as her strong fingers worked the head of my cock over and it was no time at all that it was rock hard. She leaned into me and asked if I minded if she had this one? I was trying to control my breath and answer her when I felt her other hand undo my zipper and was amazed when she simply unbuttoned my waistband and turned into me as she pushed down my briefs and began to work my now exposed young stiff cock over with both her hands. I looked down into her eyes and all I could hear was her saying how nice and stiff this is as she cupped my balls and used the precum from the swollen head of my cock as is oozed out on her fingers and she asked if this felt good as she tweeked the head of my cock with her forefinger and thumb and my precum. My knees buckled and so I placed my hands on her hips to steady myself as I told her oh god yeah it feels good and before I knew it she was dropping down on her knees where she began to slowly lick my balls and hard stiff shaft. I thought I was going to blow it all over her as my hand found her hair and I took a handfull then pulled her to me. She must have known I was excited because she just then opened her mouth wide and let the full length of me slide into her mouth. She then formed her mouth and made a tight entrance as I heard her say fuck my mouth with your young cock and while that last word was coming out of her mouth, I took too handfulls of her long black hair and pulled her hard into me as I thrust my hips forward and filled her waiting mouth with my throbbing hard cock. She moaned and ummmmmned herself into a frenzy as I stroked her and then when I felt her slow, she let my cock come out of her mouth and she kissed the head then looked up and asked if I would like to do her a favor? I said anything and with that, she lifted her skirt and showed me that laced white thong and again, my cock jumped. She turned around and bent over showing me that tight ass of hers and slowly tugged that thong down over her ass and let it fall to her ankles where she reached down to get it and layed it on my desk. Then still bent over, she spread her legs wide and asked me to lick her pussy. I was so damn eager to do whatever she wanted, I was on my knees in a second and had my mind set on just diving in when I remembered what I had learned from my neighbor lady. She always said women like you to go down on them slowly and bring them to an orgasam so that they feel really good. So I paused and then lifted first her right foot and then her left foot as I took off her heals and then taking one foot, I began to kiss her ankles and then her feet as I took each toe one at a time and worked them over good sucking and licking and nibbling, I worked one then the other and slowly worked my way north up those long long legs of hers and finally found those soft inner thighs where I used my best long kisses and then my tongue as I began to feel her legs quiver and I knew it was working. As my nose lingered over her pussy, I inhaled her scent and was amazed at how good it smelled. Then with just the tip of my tongue, I teased her all around and in that crease between her legs and pussy then, I placed my fingers near her clit and parted her soft pussy lips as I slowly circled her already hardened clit. She was trembling and saying OH MY GOD as I worked her over for the next forty minutes and by the time I used the flat of my tongue to lap up her dripping juices, she was begging me to fuck her. When she could take it no more, I stood up behind her and took hold of my still rock hard cock and using my other hand, I let my finger dip into that wetness of hers and then placed the head of my cock at her entrance and slowly, ever so slowly, I let it slip into her warm wet pussy. She loved it slow like that and told me so as her ass slowly began to move into me accepting all of my cock and as my hand let go, I took her hips and pulled her into me for a few long strokes. Then I heard her say fuck me good and with that, I slammed the flat of my hand down on her round ass and spanked it hard and felt her shake violently as she yelled out OH YES SPANK MY ASS, and as I gave it to her several times more, I let my hip speed build as I used the other hand to pull her hips into me and as I did, I felt her push that ass into me harder and harder until her legs just went crazy and she hand to leand down on the desk to hold herself up, just as she began to approach her orgasam, I took my cock out and layed it in her crack and let the juices drip down onto her ass. I teased her asshole and then asked her if she wanted this taken care of too as I let my thumb slip inside her ass. She moaned and said yes do me, fill both my holes and so I slipped my cock down into her pussy again as my finger slowly worked her ass and then just as she was opening up for me, I reached over and picked up that long stiff cucumber and when I pulled my cock from her dripping pussy, I slipped that cucumber in and spun it around a few times and the coolness of it made her moan. I burried it inside her and then took it out and stuck my cock back in just then, I took my thumb from her ass and using the lubed up cucumber with her own juices, I slowly, ever so slowly, twirled it and let is slip inside her ass and there in that back room of my grocery store, I heard her say that she was a Mom and loved to have the young boys over to her pool and she watched them but never had done any of them cuz her boys were there, so as I filled her ass with the full nine inches of that cucumber, I felt my cock begin to build as she moaned louder and louder then colapsed in a heap as she came and it was then that my own cum began to build and so I pulled it out and shot it all over her gorgeous ass. She let me clean her up some and then when she pulled the skirt down, she handed me the laced thong and said here keep this as a gift from me…..I may come back and see you again….and with that she took two cucumbers and left me standing there with my pants down at my ankles and as she left she winked and said thanks for the stiff one……


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